COWIN Vaccine Certificate Verification, Dose 1&2, Official Website

COWIN Vaccine Certificate Verification, Dose 1&2, Official Website, How to Verify, How to Get, Docuemnts

Individuals who have got both doses of covid-19 can check for its details and get the verification certification at It is available through the Cowin app. There are some steps to follow for easy verification of the certificate. It is important to have the verification certification that may be required for different purpose in future such as travel purposes. Read on to know more about how to get the verification certificate through Cowin.  

COWIN Vaccine certificate verification

What is Covid Vaccine Certificate

The covid-19 vaccine certificate would ensure that you have taken two dose of the vaccine. It also ensures that the vaccine you have taken is authentic and it is easy to verify it online. The certificate contains the details of doses and the date. One can get the certification from the Cowin app.

Why Covid Vaccine Certificate is Important

There are different vaccine options available in India, and you can choose the one that is available in your concerned center and the convenient slot you get. Considering the increasing reported case of Corona in India, getting timely vaccine and looking for the certification is necessary. It would help in different future reference work. When traveling from one state to another or others, the vaccine certificate can help you. Therefore, after completing the vaccination, you should look for the certificate for future reference. One can scan the QR code on the vaccine to ensure that it is certified and suitable to take.  

It is important to get the vaccine certificate on time after the 1st dose as you need to produce it at the time of 2nd dose at the vaccine center. It would help the health center to know about your details and know that the certificate is real and the second dose is due. 

When to Get the Covid Vaccine Certificate

After you complete the first dose, the vaccine certificate is generated and you can get access to it via Cowin. The certificate indicates that you have taken the vaccine with details of the person like name, address, gender, age, date and others. It is issued by higher authorities as soon as the first does is completed and you can get it which is perfect for vaccine indication. 

How to Get the Covid Vaccine Certificate

The certificate is available on Cowin app and you need to enter your login credentials to get it. By using Cowin, it would give details of your doses and the upcoming date and slot of second dose. So, it would be convenient to get the details handy via the app and take the vaccine on time.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Documents List

  • Identification – As identification the person should produce Aadhar card at the time of taking the dose
  • Medical details – If there is any major medical issues or medication that the person is going through, it is important to carry the details at the time of taking the vaccine

Covid Vaccine Certificate Official Website 

The vaccine certification would be verified at to ensure the authenticity of the doses. 

How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate

After taking the 1st dose or even before taking the vaccine, you can download CoWin app. It will be useful to get the vaccine certificate. It is important to take your vaccine on time to prevent the chance of covid-19 infection. Try to get the app from an authentic source online and download it on your mobile phone for future use and easily getting the vaccine certificate.  

Certificate Verification for Dose 1 and 2

There are simple steps to follow for the vaccination and the way in which you would get the verification of the certificate. It is important to have the vaccine certificate on time and preserve it for future use. The certificate would be available on the app only after you get the 1st dose of the vaccine. It would contain valid details of the person vaccinated. It would show the due date of the 2nd dose, location and other details about the vaccination. It would help the person to follow it and easily get the second dose of vaccine.

How to Verify the Covid Vaccine Certificate

There are two vaccines that are available from government and it is offered via a free vaccine drive program. It is Covishield and Covaxin. You should ensure that you get both 1st and 2nd dose of the same vaccine to get the desired results. After the 1st dose, you can get the certification from the official site for legitimacy and assurance that you have got authentic one.

Follow the simple steps below to get the certificate:

  1. First, visit the official portal that is mainly created for certificate certification pertaining to vaccine. You have to visit portal and go to the verify option
  2. Now click on ‘scan QR code’ option and wait for the desired page to show up
  3. It would trigger a page with pop up asking for camera access and you have to click on allow button to get access to phone’s camera
  4. Point camera to scan the QR code correct and get the vaccine certificate on the app
  5. If the certificate is legit one, you will get the message as certificate successfully verified
  6. It would show details like age, name, gender, date of dose, vaccination center details, reference ID and other  


Q : What is the Name of the App to get Vaccine Certification From?

Ans : CoWin App

Q : What is the official portal to check for Covid Vaccine Certificate ?

Ans : 

Q : When will Covid Vaccine Certificate Generate ?

Ans : Only after 1st dose

Q : What details are given on Covid Vaccine Certificate ?

Ans : Personal details like name, gender, age, reference ID and date of vaccine

Q : What are the Two Types of Vaccines Available ?

Ans : Covishield and Covaxin

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