Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) one-time land registration

Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) Bhoo Raksha ( Land Protection) Scheme related to one-time land registration (benefits, aim, eligibility, registration)

Governments bring several schemes pertaining to land-related issues for the betterment of common people. Recently we have seen the news about Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) Bhoo Raksha ( Land Protection) Scheme related to one time land registration, an initiative from Andhra Pradesh Government. So let us go through the article to understand the significance of Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) Bhoo Raksha ( Land Protection) Scheme related one-time land registration.

Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) one-time land registration

UNDER THE SCHEMEJagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) Bhoo Raksha ( Land Protection
LAUNCHED BYAndhra Pradesh
PURPOSELand Registration

What is Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku

Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku (Permanent Land Rights) Bhoo Raksha ( Land Protection) Scheme which is intended to furnish permanent land rights to landowners. The scheme was started by the Andhra Pradesh government. This scheme will help genuine landholders to ensure dispute-free holding rights.

Eligibility for Jagananna Sashwata Bhoohakku Scheme

  • Beneficiaries must be from the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The survey will be carried out in 51 villages of the state.
  • All bogus land-holding rights will be stopped.

Survey under the scheme in detail- 

A resurvey was conducted in 51 villages of Andhra Pradesh. Around 29,563 acres of new lands were resurveyed. It is also found that around 3,304 objections were settled which led to the formulation and preparations of 21,404 landholdings of 12,776 landowners. 

The land resurveys will probably be completed by June 2023.  

Aim of the survey in the villages

The resurvey under the scheme basically aims to give permanent rights to the landowners in the future. The aim also is to make sure that the settlement and preparations for land holdings are dispute-free. It means land holdings will be provided to the respective genuine landholders ensuring a dispute-free provision. The resurvey will also remove fraud and bogus registrations for the landholdings. 

Next Registrations under the scheme-

The resurvey has taken place in around 51 villages. It is completed in the respective villages of the state. 

The state government will now conduct land registrations in 37 villages of the state. The process will then be completed by June 2023. 

Features/benefits of the resurvey under the scheme- 

  • With the help of this resurvey under the scheme, many law reports in accordance with the lands were escalated.
  • There were disputes between the inheritors. Hence, resurvey will make sure that dispute-free landholdings are being prepared for the landowners. 
  •  The resurvey will make sure to remove disputes and provide land holdings and ownership to the actual owners. 
  • Permanent property rights will be given to the landowners. 
  • The resurvey process will remove fraudulent land registrations making the process more effective and transparent.  
  • Litigation-free lands can be expected out of such a wide and effective resurvey. 
  • The cost of this resurvey will be worth Rs 1,000 crore. 
  • 4500 survey teams will be engaged for the resurvey along with 70 core base stations and 2,000 rovers. 
  • An Identity Card will be issued and the lands will be marked according to the latitudes and longitudes positioning. The process hence will be done digitally in a way that will also include a QR code along with a land map.
  • Latest geo-tagging and satellite mapping technologies will be used for the resurvey process making it more efficient.


Q. In which state the re-survey for land registration is going on?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh.

Q. How many teams are engaged in the re-survey process in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: 4500 teams.

Q. What is the aim of the one-time Registration survey process?

Ans: It aims at providing permanent land rights to the landowners.

Q. What is the total cost involved?

Ans: Rs 1,000 crore.

Q. What is the schedule of the survey?

Ans: The survey is scheduled to complete by June 2023.

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