6 Twist Endings That Ruined Horror Movies

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A good twist ending can elevate a horror film, but a bad one can tank it. 

Here are 6 twist endings that ruined horror movies, ranged from how badly the twist in question hurt the film overall


The Boy 2 had such a bad twist that not only did it ruin the movie it also retroactively ruined first movies twists.

Brahms: The Boy 2 (2020)


While Us certainly has its supporters, there are fans who thought that this film ultimately sunk under the weight of its third act revelations

Us (2018)


It ended up becoming a Scream wannabe with a twist that betrays both the original film and the real murders that inspired it.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)


Signs is Shyamalan's take on the alien-invasion genre, and it's quite a tense one.

Signs (2002)


It's a shame because The Village brings together haunting cinematography and a brilliant cast to create a suspenseful film with atmosphere. 

The Village (2004)


Sadly, its legacy has been stained by an infamous twist that makes the whole film feel irrelevant.

High Tension (2005)

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