Game Of Thrones: 7 Most Important Prophecies

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Prophecy is very important in the World of Ice and Fire, and this lot is the most recurring throughout the plot of the books and the show.

Game of Thrones severely downplays the importance of prophetic dreams


Daenerys receives a prophecy from the warlocks, who tell her she must light three fires, ride three mounts, and experience three treasons. 

The House Of The Undying


Quaithe is among the most mysterious characters in the show and the books. Daenerys receives two prominent prophecies from Quaithe. 

Quaithe's Prophecies


The prophecy states the sun must "rise on the west and set on the east" and "seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind, like leaves." 

Mirri Maz Duur


Among the Dothraki, no prophecy is more meaningful than that of the Stallion Who Mounts the World

The Stallion Who Mounts The World


Maggy's prophecy is the main reason for Cersei's hatred for Tyrion, as she believes he is the valonqar

Cersei & The Valonqar


The prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised is crucial in ASoIaF.

The Prince That Was Promised


Viserys refers to the dream as "the song of ice and fire," seemingly clarifying the nature of the prophecy in the live-action universe.

The Song Of Ice And Fire

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