What are NBA star
Bill Russell's children doing today? Check the deets.

NBA icon Bill Russell left the world at the age of 88.

Russell has left an unforgettable legacy behind as one of the greatest basketball players.

Bill had a record of being NBA champion for 11-time!

Let us have a look at the family he left behind:

Bill Russell shares his three kids with Rose Swisher, his first wife.

Bill and Rose were together from

Bill's daughter named Karen is a political analyst and blogger.

A graduate of Harward Law School, Karen is known to have a very successful career.

Bill Russell's oldest son William Felton Russell Jr. used to work for Cox Trucking for years.

Unfortunately, William lost his battle with cancer. He passed in 2016.

The youngest of all, Jacob H. Russell is a private person.

Currently, he lives in Washington State with his wife Sara Russell.

Not much is known about his personal life.

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