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Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim 2022, Online Registration, Form, Last Date

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Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim 2021, Online Registration, Form, Last Date, Login, Eligibility, Documents, Application, Official Website, Helpline Number

Health these days has definitely been a topic of concern. Keeping this in the notice, Su-swastha Yojna of Sikkim Government has been announced which is based on Employees’ Health Services. The state government has launched and envisioned the scheme which is meant to provide healthcare services to employees of the government of Sikkim and their family members who are dependent on them. Recently, the news came out that Su-swastha Yojna is set to start on October 1, 2021. It will provide a cashless benefit including hospitalizations across top hospitals in India. Through this article, let us understand the details related to Su-swastha Yojna and comprehend how it is going to be a watershed in healthcare services.

su swasthya yojana sikkim

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim 2021

Name of the schemeSu Swasthya Yojna
Launched bySikkim Government
When to roll out1st October 2021
BeneficiariesState Government Employees
Sector Health
Helpline Number9800347944
Email ID[email protected]

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim Objectives

Su-Swastha Yojna focuses on covering regular employees in the service of the Sikkim Government. It will also cover a maximum of employee’s five dependent members under the scheme which will provide a cover of 10 lacs per year. The scheme gets renewed every year. Here are the objectives of the scheme –

  • Accessibility to best healthcare services by empanelment of top tier hospitals in India.
  • Cashless admission and discharge across the best healthcare institutes to do away with the chaos of arranging funds.
  • Arrangement of quality healthcare for Su-Swastha beneficiaries.
  • Communication with the patient and family members.
  • Transparency in the billing system.
  • To furnish the best healthcare for the state government employees.
  • To offer the lowest premium and highest coverage covering around four hundred reputed hospitals.

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim Features

Here are the salient features of the scheme –

  • The scheme focuses on cashless treatment and reimbursement.
  • Beneficiaries can have the treatment in private hospitals while reimbursement can be availed in mission hospitals, government or semi-government hospitals.
  • The scheme covers more than our hundred plus top tier hospitals or routine as well as critical illnesses.
  • It will provide cashless medical treatment up to 10 lakhs and 20 lakhs for critical illnesses.
  • There will be no referral procedure.
  • The beneficiary can select the hospital from the list of impaneled hospitals.
  • There will be no waiting period coverage.
  • Pre-existing diseases of the beneficiaries are also covered.
  • Parents and Parents in law can be covered up to 100 years of age.
  • There is an age limit of 30 years for unmarried/unemployed siblings.
  • For a newborn baby, health care services start from day one.
  • There is stress on a woman’s health with maternity benefits.

How to Enroll Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim

Su-swastha Yojna can be enrolled digitally as well through papers. Lets us know the basic steps of enrollment.

Digital enrollment :

  • The process of digital enrollment can be started by accessing the enrollment form.
  • The form has two parts. The employee must fill these carefully.
  • Both the parts require mandatory documents to be attached. These documents are related to each member.
  • Documents include passport size photo, voter’s card, aadhar card, and proof of relationship for dependent family members. 
  • Once the form is submitted successfully, a link will be provided to download the member e-card on SMS and email.
  • This card is useful in availing the facilities further.
  • The user guide is available for enrollment.

Paper enrollment :

  • The enrollment form can be downloaded from the website.
  • It must be filled in English language and clear handwriting.
  • The form must be submitted with the necessary documents and photos to the nodal officer.
  • The list of nodal officers is also provided by the government.

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim Eligibility 

The following beneficiaries can opt for the scheme :

  • The employee in regular employment in the department of Government of Sikkim.
  • Family members of the employee ( spouse, brother/sister, children, parents of self or spouse)

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim Documents 

Here is the list of required documents:

  • Passport size photo.
  • ID Proof ( Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Driving license, passport, any government ID)
  • Proof of relationship for the dependent family members ( Marriage certificate, School Certificate, and so on)

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim Official Website 

We can reach the official website by clicking on the link.It provides all the necessary details.

Su Swasthya Yojana Sikkim Email ID 

We can use [email protected] for updates or queries.


Q : Who started Su-swastha yojna?

Ans : The Sikkim Government.

Q : Who are the beneficiaries of Su-Swastha Yojna?

Ans : The state government employees.

Q : Which is the official website for Su-swastha Yojna?

Ans : Link

Q : Can an employee’s family members avail it?

Ans : Yes.

Q : How many family members are allowed?

Ans : Up to five.  [email protected]

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