Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana 2022

Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana 2022, Beneficiary, Online Apply, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number

The Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana has been launched by Gujarat government for the help of women. It is mainly to cover up for the nutritional deficiency and health condition of women across different age groups in the state. The details of the scheme and how applicant should register for it are enlisted in the following part of the article.

Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana 2022

Name of the schemeSuposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana
Launched inGujarat
Launched DateKarnataka Budget 2022-23
Launched byGujarat government
Target groupPregnant women and lactating mothers
ObjectiveOffer free monthly supplement for expecting and lactating mothers
Supplements will include Tuvar dal, edible oil and chickpeas

Schemes Launched for Women and Child Development in Karnataka

The following announcements have been made by the women and child development department. It shall help in successful implementation of different women welfare schemes in future to help the women of the state belonging to different categories of society.

  1. Elements in supplement – The supplement will include 1 kg of Tuvar dal, 2 kg chickpeas and edible oil for free
  2. Days to cover up for the scheme – The supplementary items would be provided for 1000 days
  3. Category of beneficiaries under scheme – It is mainly for lactating and pregnant women of the state and offer them nutritional food for these stages
  4. Amount sanctioned for scheme – A total of rupees 811 crores provision will be given for the scheme. In addition, rupees 1059 crores provision have been sanctioned by Gujarat state government for smooth implementation of the scheme
  5. Number of beneficiaries for scheme – It has planned to offer financial assistance to widows and in this, the scheme will cover up for 1.5 lakhs to 11 lakhs of women for a span of 3 years. For this, rupees 917 crores have been offered by the state government
  6. Nutritional benefit of school girls – The state will offer rupees 365 crores to offer supplementary nutrition along with health education to girl child belonging to the age of 11 to 18 years
  7. Poshan Sudha Yojana – It is running in 10 talukas covering tribal areas to offer nutritional support to pregnant mothers. It is planned to extend the scheme to almost 72 talukas and increase the expenditure for scheme by 50% and for this, a total of rupees 118 crore has been sanctioned
  8. Wahali Dikari Yojana – Rupees 80 crore has been sanctioned by state government for Wahali Dikari scheme to give LIC premium to 1 lakh daughters up to rupees 1 lakhs at different stages of life for personal development and growth
  9. Construction of Nand Ghar – For the construction of Nand Ghar, rupees 31 crore provision has been sanctioned and it would also help with infrastructure benefits in urban and rural areas 

Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana Features

  • Benefit to get from scheme – The nutritional benefit and healthcare of women are important to take care for every stage in a women’s life.
  • Objective of scheme – Promote women health and healthy future generation and offer them adequate nutrition
  • Category of women included in scheme – In this, pregnant women, adolescents and lactating mothers can join and enjoy the scheme benefits
  • Scheme has been launched by – The Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana is mainly initiative of Women and Child Development (WCD) Department in Gujarat  
  • Budget for the scheme – A total of rupees 4000 crores have been sanctioned for successful implementation of scheme for a span of five years and it will cover up for 1000 days of fat, protein and micronutrient needs of pregnant and lactating women.
  • Food items in supplement plan – It includes 1 kilogram of Tuvar dal, 2 kg of chickpeas with 1 kg of edible oil for free monthly

Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana Eligibility

  1. Residents of state – As the scheme has been introduced by state health department in Gujarat, only the native women are eligible
  2. Physical health condition – The women who are pregnant and lactating are eligible to register for the Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana
  3. Category of family – It is mainly aimed for the women who are experiencing nutritional deficit and belong from backward sections of society

Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana Documents

  • Health certificate – Any woman applying for the scheme should furnish correct and updated health certificate to justify their claim for the scheme benefits
  • Domicile details – As the scheme has been launched in Gujarat, natives need to furnish domicile certificate in justification of their claim
  • Income certificate – The woman who wish to get the scheme benefit should produce correct income certificate of family to show that they are in need of the nutritional supplement for their condition.

Therefore, the state health department has decided on the contains of the supplement plans for the women who have nutritional need. It should make up for the micronutrients that is essential for lactating and pregnant women to help them take care of their health.  

Gujarat Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana Registration Online

As it is a newly decided scheme, the online procedure for scheme registration is yet to be launched by the scheme. The interested candidates should go by its official portal to stay updated on the scheme details and how to register for it online to enjoy its benefits. The details are yet to come up and it will surely help the beneficiaries to register for it on time.

HomepageClick Here
Official WebsiteClick Here


Q : What is the main purpose of Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana launch?

Ans : To help women get adequate nutrition when they are in lactating and pregnant stage.

Q : Who are the beneficiaries of Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana?

Ans : Lactating, and pregnant women.

Q : Who has helped in Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana launch?

Ans : Gujarat state government with help of Women and Child Development Department.

Q : What are included in the supplement?

Ans : 1 kg of Tuvar dal, 1 kg of Chickpeas and 1 kg of edible oil. 

Q : How much money has been sanctioned for the Suposhit Mata Swasth Bal Yojana?  

Ans : Rs 4000 crores

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