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West Bengal Manabik Prakalpa Scheme 2022, Online Application, Form, Pension List, Status

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West Bengal Manabik Prakalpa Scheme 2021, (Online Registration Form, Pension List, Beneficiaries, Handicapped, Disabilities, Status, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number, Last Date)

The CM of West Bengal has come up with WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme 2021 initiative for helping the physically disabled one. On the day of international disabled day, the scheme announcement has been done and it has started to invite form from the beneficiaries for the same. the steps to apply for online application are detailed in the following part of the article. Before you decide to apply for the scheme, it is better to find out the details so that it becomes easy for you to get it right.    

west bengal Manabik Prakalpa Scheme

West Bengal Manabik Prakalpa Scheme 2021

Scheme NameWB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme
StateWest Bengal
Target AudiencePhysically challenged persons of the state
BenefitMonthly pension for physically disabled ones
Launched onOn date of international day of disabled persons
Launched byCM of West Bengal
Launch Date2018
Official Portal
Toll free HelplineNA
Last DateNo such date

WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme Highlighting Features

Focus of scheme launch –

The focus of scheme is to offer suitable financial help to the physically disabled one who are living in different parts of West Bengal

Beneficiaries of scheme –

The disabled persons of the state are the beneficiaries under the scheme

Financial help under scheme –

As per scheme rules, the beneficiaries would be given rupees 1000 monthly

Method of payment –

The amount under the scheme would be given to the beneficiaries in the bank account linked via the DBT method

Mode of application under the scheme –

One has to apply for the scheme via the online method through the official portal at This makes it easy for the candidates to apply for the scheme from comfort of their home, without having to visit different offices and submitting the application.

Total Beneficiaries –

The total beneficiaries of the scheme are 2 lakhs disabled individual and the interested one can apply for the scheme after its launch.

Amount given for scheme implementation –

The higher authority has sanctioned rupees 250 crores for the successful implementation of the scheme

WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme Eligibility

  • Residential Details – As the scheme has been launched in West Bengal, only the disable candidate of the states are eligible for it.  
  • Category of beneficiary – The candidate who is applying for the scheme should have more than 40% disability to be eligible for the scheme. 
  • Income details – The candidate need to produce correct income details when applying for the scheme and enjoying the benefits.  

WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme Documents

  • Residential proof – The candidate should produce suitable domicile details at the time of registering for the scheme to ensure that they are natives of the state and can enjoy the scheme perks.
  • Medical details – The disabled person should  furnish correct medical reports in support of their claim as a disabled person and they are suitable o get the scheme benefits.
  • Income certificate – The person should produce total annual income details at the time of registering for the scheme. 
  • Bank details – The candidate need to furnish suitable bank account details, IFSC code, and other bank details as the account would be linked to transfer the beneficiary amount direct to the disabled person.
  • Identification proof – As suitable identification, the candidate need to furnish correct document such as Aadhar card, voter ID card, and other equivalent option that would justify one’s correct identification.

WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme Download Application Form

  1. First, candidate has to visit link to download the application form pertaining to the scheme.
  2. As the application form shows up, they have to enter correct details in the spaces given.
  3. The important details to be given on the application form are town name or village name, caste, name, religion, address and others.
  4. It is better to enter correct personal details as it will be scrutinized by higher authority before the candidate is considered to be eligible for the scheme.
  5. You should also correctly submit the bank account details as it would be linked with the scheme to transfer the beneficiary money directly to the linked account.
  6. At the time of submitting the application form, make sure to furnish the required documents along with it for check by higher authorities.

WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme Application Process

Though, the application form is available at this link, the following offices would also give the application form.

  • Block Development Office or Executive Officer of the Panchayat Samity for the rural residents who are under the Panchayat Samity.
  • Office of Controller of Vagrancy of the state at Purta Bhawan, Bidhan Nagar, for residents who are included in Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
  • Sub-Divisional Officer for Municipal or Notified area people other than the ones under Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme Application Form Submit

  • District Magistrate of the District and to be given to Block Development Officer or Executive Officer under the concerned Panchayat Samity – for residents in rural areas of Panchayat Samity
  • Controller of Vagrancy, West Bengal for submission to Controller of Vagrancy – for residents under area of Kolkata Municipal Corporation
  • District Magistrate of the District to be given its Sub-Divisional Officer – for residents of Municipal or Notified areas the is outside Kolkata Municipal Corporation


Q : What is the main purpose of WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme?

Ans : Offer help physically disabled ones in West Bengal

Q : What do you understand by the WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme?

Ans : To offer financial help to physically disabled

Q : What is the beneficiary amount to be given to the beneficiaries?

Ans : Rupees 1000 monthly

Q : What is the portal under the WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme? 

Ans :

Q : Who has taken initiative for WB Manabik Prakalpa Scheme launch?

Ans : Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

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